Trust: 42% think that most people can be trusted Belonging: 79% have a strong sense of belonging to their neighbourhood Neighbourliness: 53% agree that they borrow things and exchange favours with their neighbours Satisfaction with area: 84% are satisfied with their local area as a place to live Cohesion: 87% say they live in an area where people from different backgrounds get on well together 19% took part in some form of civic consultation about local services or problems in the last year Influencing decisions: 48% would like to be more involved in council decisions affecting their local area Volunteering: 71% volunteered in the last year (formally or informally) Giving: 74% gave to charity in the four weeks prior to interview

The arrows shown in the top right hand corner highlight statistically significant changes between the 2012-13 Community Life Survey data and the 2010-11 Citizenship Survey data along with the direction of movement. The data presented is based on headline findings from 2012-13.